Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

$600 package

Enduring Power of Attorney is used to appoint someone to make legal and financial decisions for you in the event that you lose the capacity to make those decisions yourself. Your attorney can be granted the power to act on your behalf in matters such as your banking, living arrangements,  if you have lost decision-making capacity

Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker is used to appoint someone to make medical treatment decisions on your behalf if you have lost capacity to make them yourself.

  • The two powers of attorney
  • Online Instruction form
  • Meeting via phone or videoconference to discuss your needs
  • Instructions sent for how to sign the documents or appointment to sign documents

Who can make a power of attorney?

Anyone over the age of 18 who has the capacity to understand the nature and consequences of the document, who makes the decisions in the document of their own free will and who can communicate clearly what those decisions are.

When should I make a power of attorney?

Before you need them! These documents safeguard your interests in the event of something unforeseen – an accident or illness that robs you of your capacity to make decisions for yourself. It is better to be prepared and confident in knowing that the person you choose will be making important decisions about your money, your living arrangements and your health.

When does it start?

For a Power of Attorney (Financial) it begins when you nominate that it should.

The Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment) commences when you are unable to make your own decisions.

Who should I appoint to be my power of attorney?

You need to appoint someone your trust to make the right decisions. With a General Power of Attorney and an Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial) you can appoint more than one person to make the decisions jointly.